Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to a halt Intact Group has been leading the way in ensuring workplaces are prepared to not just return, but thrive beyond. Our focus on the beginning has been on ensuring that business has the tools to support their teams during the COVID-19 crisis - no matter where those staff may be.

Early in the social distancing period Intact Group launched IntactBeyond which focused on helping business to minimise risk, improve their teams personal struggles and performance, and how to prepare and leverage solutions for a sustainable post Coronavirus solution. IntactBeyond connected individuals with subject matter experts from various industries and specialists to help navigate through the rapid disruption the period brought with it. Our work with Intact Beyond is by no means over, instead we work with our collective of experts to improve the working life of teams and in turn their productivity; leading business into the new era of workspace and teamwork.

Now, as businesses prepare to return to work, Intact Group is offering a complete facility readiness solution. Tomorrows Workplace Today is a purpose lead audit checklist to ensure the safety of our clients, their teams and their community. Our process will lead your teams through identifying gaps in readiness, essential changes needed for return to work, best practice changes for a sustainable future, future-proofing your property, and ensuring your teams feel safe and inspired in their workspace.

Looking to the future Intact Group is putting public health first with our Aeromist by Intact Group solution. Intact Group has struck an exclusive agreement with Aeromist to secure supply of the product direct from the manufacturer for a misting solution that can eliminate Coronavirus, Bacteria & Viruses on any surface - for up to 30 days. Looking beyond the COVID-19 crisis our ongoing application programme that allows you not just to get back to business, but to stay in business.
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