It’s time to Shake Up How We’re Tackling COVID.

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Planning for a Successful Return to Work

That second wave, the one we’ve all kept ourselves confined and restricted to avoid, the one we’ve gambled our economy on to prevent… it’s here. Victoria is back in lockdown with new cases not slowing down, while NSW teeters on the edge and walls go up around our states and territories again.

Australia did exceptionally well at containing the virus in it’s first few months. We did the Aussie thing – we sucked it up and got it done for the benefit of those most vulnerable, for our loved ones and for our future. We put in the hard work and yet still we find ourselves re-living the early days of the pandemic with cases spiking, lockdowns reinforced or on the horizon, and the kids home from school yet again.


Why do things differently?

Psychologists, economists and the public in general are saying we cannot bear another period of lockdown. It’s time to start really looking at the causes of these outbreaks and asking not what we can do better, but what we can do different. Our systems of managing transmission by and large come down to the regulation of individuals in their movement, and the education and encouragement of the action of the individual to wash their hands, to regulate their behaviour and to practice safe hygiene. Offices and retail outlets are having their premises re-sanitised, sometimes every hour, throughout the day – costing not only hundreds of thousands in additional cleaning fees but restricting their ability to generate revenue and improve our economic situation.

What is the solution?

The cost of virus' to the both business and the community is astronomical, even before COVID-19. Global health crises such as this need to be answered with a strong and sustainable solution, and Intact Group has been hard at work ensuring these options are available. That why we’ve partnered with Aeromist, the preferred Zoono distributor in Australia, to make Zoono available to Australian businesses. As usual we’re not looking for a one size fits all approach but have carefully developed our product modelling to ensure we can work with you to customise a solution that fits your business needs and your budget needs through a comprehensive needs analysis. Complementing your service schedule we will arm you with everything you need to give your teams peace of mind from sign-off to ongoing application.

The chemical is not very novel; it's well known. But the method of using it, is.

Professor Ian Rae - University of Melbourne

Aeromist uses a anti-microbial bonding agent that goes beyond traditional sanitation to adhere to surfaces and kill bacteria and viruses that came into contact with it, for up to 30 days. Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred the solution has since been tested, and proven to kill, Coronavirus. Transmission of viruses through touch is eliminated anywhere that the touch surface has had the solution applied, and it only needs to be applied once every 30 days following routine cleaning. Trials completed on the London Underground, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Hospital ICU’s, Aged Care Facilities, Warehouses and Offices - all proving Zoono effective against 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.
We’re not looking for a quick fix or a quick buck. Keeping our clients strong is what keeps us strong and we don't just want to help business return to work, we want to ensure business returns to work with health and sustainability at heart; by providing practical and long term solution for our clients, their teams, and our community.

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