At Intact Group, we pride ourselves on having the best building repair and maintenance team who are experienced in all trades to handle any problem with efficiency and cost-effective methods. Our services include:
Repairs and Maintenance
• Building Maintenance
• Facilities Management
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Carpentry
• Data and Communications
• Minor Fit-Outs
• Demolition and Strip-Outs
• Plastering
• Ceiling Works
• Audio/ Visual Installations
• Energy Reduction
• Project Management
• Painting
• Gas Fitting
• Tiling
• Door Repairs
• Locksmith
• Carpet Repairs
• Signage
• Glass Installation
Project Management
Intact Group has also had extensive experience in managing projects to upgrade building’s systems and layouts. Intact has conducted extensive upgrade and layouts for a variety of clients and buildings and are committed to meeting deadlines and quality in a cost affordable manner.

Preventative Solutions and Maintenance
At Intact Group, we emphasise our ability to maintain flexibility and customised preventative maintenance solutions approaching each client’s needs directly and independently assist us to ensure we sustain the highest quality of service available for our clients. Through open dialogue with our clients we develop business and maintenance solutions to assist them in their long term building repair and maintenance strategy.

To give an example of how we have conducted these methods before, Intact Group assigns a minimum of one technician per site to conduct regular or intermittent walk throughs to ensure any issues, preventative hazards or faults are fixed.
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