Playing our part for meaningful reconciliation

The first of what will be many steps taken in our determination to do our part to move closer towards meaningful reconciliation, Intact180 is an Intact Group social enterprise run in association with our Indigenous Recruitment Partners, Marist180.

Under this programme Intact Group provides apprenticeships to Indigenous Australian job-seekers; providing on the job vocational training and development that is targeted for, and developed in collaboration with, First Nations people.

At Intact Group we recognise that diversity and inclusion are critical to who we are, and who we are as Australians. We are committed to not only elevating the profile of the trades industry in Australia, but elevating the profile and opportunities of First Nations People within and beyond or organisation.

We know this is just the beginning of our active collaboration with First Nations People. We look forward to working further and closer with the community to better educate ourselves and our teams, and to play our part in moving closer towards reconciliation.

If you would like to know more, or be involved in any way, please contact us, or see our current positions on our Work With Us page!
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