Intact Group have long considered the Government Sector prime for a property maintenance overhaul. While Corporate Australia has increasingly turned to a national integrated model of property maintenance to enjoy economies of scale and immediate savings of up to 40 per cent, many government funded and other sectors continue to use the more costly multi-trade, multi-vendors and multi-site modelling. This contributes annually to millions being wasted on public funds; funds that Intact Group can put back in the pockets of government for more deserving causes. 

Intact Group has worked with a number of Government bodies over the years, such as the New South Wales Policeforce and PropertyNSW, along with various independent ministerial and government bodies. With a long history of designing bespoke property maintenance modelling, Intact Group are seeking further opportunities to provide savings to the government sector through our innovative solutions. Using our intelligent Work Order Management system, Intact Group can ensure detailed dashboarding and trend analysis is made available to Government bodies, providing further savings whilst also reporting and invoicing on any budgetary lines or divisions as required by government modelling. 
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